Idea latest offer plans for punjab

by admin on August 28, 2010

Idea Rs.18 new booster pack plan for making free std calls for 18 min for all std mobiles with a validity of 30 days By making an Ec with 18Rs in idea prepaid get a talktime worth Rs 0.11

Rs 19 super booster plan ec for idea prepaid users now enjoy making calls form idea to idea mobiles at 10p/min and all other mobiles at local or std at 75p/min with talk time 0.01 rs

Idea Rs25 plan for idea punjab and many state users , Make an Ec for Rs.25 to idea mobiles to send free 250 sms to local or std , cheapest free sms plan for idea users

Rs.27 New Recharge offer plan for idea mobiles for punjab users to get 6month validity with talk time of 10Rs

Idea calls free local min of 64 by making an ec recharge with Rs.28 in idea prepaid sim with validity of 30 days talktime 0.17Rs

Idea sms offer plan pack For Rs.29 Ec with 29 and send unlimited sms for 30 days free

Pulse rate plan idea users get or make calls in idea mobiles at pulse plan 1p/sec to local or std jut by makeing an Ec recharge with Rs.32 life time validity

Isd calling offers for idea users new free calls to isd from idea mobiles make an Ec with rs.37 and get latest new isd offer pack for details contact costumer care

Std offer for calling form idea mobiles Rs.39 plan offer std pack for idea users for making free std calls from idea mobiles for 45 mins free with 30 day validity

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